Tracking Derby

GPS Tracking Analyser
Freefly Tracking

Tracking Derby is an online skydiving software analysing gps data. Jump with a gps recorder, send your flight track to the web site. The ongoing Suit and Wingsuit tracking contest is based on the distance flown in free fall in a time window.The Training section allows to evaluate performances from any kind of jumps. Choose Suit or Wing Suit to get your score. The Canopy Ride section specifically deals with the flight under the parachute. Join in the Drop Zones Events along the season and enter the global race.


For the best result precision, the Tracking Derby requires Gps devices recording position every second. The Garmin Foretrex is recommended because of its size, price and wrist mount.

Download the Tracking Derby Agent, to transfer your flight tracks from your GPS recorder to your computer and to your online account .The Tracking Derby Agent supports Garmin , Magellan, Brauninger GPS devices and many GPS file formats, as the GPX.

Create your free Tracking Derby account !Upload your jump tracks from your computer to the web site. Analyse your plots, get your scores and see your jumps in Google Earth !